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“They laughed when I said I could show them how to
triple their income by getting on TV – until they saw
me on Shark Tank, the NBC Today Show,
Rachael Ray, and Fox & Friends.”
What you’re about to discover has taken me seven years to perfect…

It’s taken my once struggling business that made only $20,000 a year to a multi-million dollar company.

I’ve used it to become a celebrity in my niche and a New York Times bestselling author.

And today, I’m going to give you my exact blueprint for how I do it - FREE.

My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer.

Below is one of the awards I received while with the Agency.
I’m the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. 
The truth is, life is pretty good now.

​I’m a serial entrepreneur and spend most of my time on my multi-million dollar company called Spy Escape & Evasion.

But, it wasn’t always this way…

Early on, my business was struggling to get off the ground, sales trickled in, and revenues were stagnant.

Yet, once I cracked the code to getting on TV, everything changed.

Those TV appearances established me as a “go-to” authority in my niche…

Gave me instant credibility…

And, generated (and continue to generate) millions of dollars in sales for my small business.

I’ve been so successful with my method for appearing on and profiting from TV that I’m now considered one of the foremost authorities on helping entrepreneurs to get on TV, become celebrities, and take their companies to 7 and 8 figures.

For example...

Below is a quick clip of a few of the dozens of TV appearances I’ve made on shows such as…

The NBC Today Show, Rachael Ray, Dateline, Harry Connick Jr, Fox & Friends, San Diego Living, Good Morning Arizona, Good Day LA and Good Things Utah.
The fact is, being able to get on TV is the #1 secret most entrepreneurs are missing to transform their lives and their businesses.

After all, getting on TV gives you massive credibility…

It virtually eliminates your competition…

And, once you know how to do it right, each TV appearance can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bank account.

Let me give you a quick example…

Below is a short clip of when I appeared on the NBC Today Show.
The initial appearance alone brought in thousands of dollars in sales from my website.

But, I’ve now taken that clip and used it as part of my overall marketing strategy.

That single clip continues to generate cash for me, and helps sell many of my products, including my $4,997 Ultimate Spy Week.

My point is, 99% of entrepreneurs have no clue about how to make themselves famous and wealthy thanks to TV.

It’s a shame, because this is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive method (publicity is free after all) to making millions for yourself and your business.  

That’s why, after getting bombarded with requests from other entrepreneurs to tell my “secret” for getting on TV and turning it into floods of cash…

I sat down and did a complete “brain dump” of my methods.

I poured out everything I’ve learned over the past 7 years making millions of dollars from TV appearances.

And, it’s all in my new book that (with your permission) I’m going to rush to your front doorstep for FREE…

The Celebrity Method: How Almost Any Entrepreneur Can Transform Themselves Into a Celebrity and Make Millions Thanks to the Power of TV.
Inside my new book, you’ll discover secrets such as…

•    My proven strategy how I get TV appearances in 30 days or less. Page 5

•    The simple 179-word email I use for getting booked on local morning shows. Just copy, paste and send. (I've been on San Diego Living, Good Things Utah, and Fox 11 in Los Angeles, to name a few.) Page 17

•    The absolute best way to generate income the day your TV appearance airs. Page 50

•    The single most important thing you must do before you decide to go on TV. (I give you exactly what I do so my website will be flooded with customers.) Page 8

•    The core secret behind my amazing success on TV. Page 4

•    Six killer strategies that turn each TV appearance into a continuous stream of income. Page 53

•    Why you never, ever want to hire a PR firm and how this is a crucial mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. Page 21

•    Why the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at – A suite at the St. Regis in New York – was paid for by a TV show and what shows will cover your costs and what shows will make you foot the bill. Page 28

•    Three factors to ensure you get booked on the same show multiple times. (I’ve been on the Rachael Ray Show over 9 times, Harry Connick Jr. over 5 times, and numerous morning shows like, Good Morning Arizona, multiple times.) Page 23

•    The magic phrase to say to producers that will have them enthusiastically asking what day next week you can appear on their show. Page 19

•    Little-known preparation tips for crushing your segment like a seasoned pro. (You’ll look like you’ve been doing it for years, even if it’s your first appearance in front of the camera.) Page 24

•    How to use your TV appearances to get celebrity testimonials for your products and services. (I’ll tell you exactly how and show you examples of the testimonials I’ve gotten). Page 43

•    The two quickest and easiest ways to get copies of your TV appearance. (Both are free.) Page 50

•    How to calculate how profitable an appearance is so you know which shows to go back on and which shows not to waste your time on.  Page 56

•    Why you never want to include an attachment in an email you send to a TV producer. This is a surefire way NOT to get booked on their show. Page 71

•    How I use my vacations to get quick publicity in someplace I’m already heading anyways. Page 18

•    The 2 sentences to say to a producer after you’ve appeared on their show that gets them to instantly bond with you and ask you back for another segment. Page 22

•    A little-known but very profitable video technique I do in “green rooms” to make thousands of dollars from my email list. Page 8

•    The types of TV segments you never want to do. (I made this mistake once on a national show and will never do it again.) Page 11

•    How to write a book in less than a week. It sounds unbelievable, but I’ll prove it to you on page 9.

•    The proven phone script to use that almost guarantees you’ll get booked on a show. (This works even when you leave a voicemail.)  Page 19

•    What you never, ever want to do in the “green room” while waiting to go on TV. It’s a rookie mistake that will ensure you’re never invited back. I saw one poor fellow do it while I was in the green room for Fox 5 News Las Vegas and it was a disaster. Page 8

•    The subtle but crucial difference between a “news segment” and a “talk show” and how to make a significant return off each. Page 11

•    And much, much more…
Pretty incredible, don’t you think?

But, that’s just the beginning of what you’ll get in my new book, The Celebrity Method: How Almost Any Entrepreneur Can Transform Themselves Into a Celebrity and Make Millions Thanks to the Power of TV.

One of the most valuable parts of the book is actually chapter 6.

I don’t want to give away too many details about chapter 6, but I will tell you this:

In this chapter, you’ll get to see the exact sales funnel I use – one that’s propelled my business to 7-figures plus – to ensure my TV appearances generate consistent returns.

The truth is, some people who’ve been on TV think it’s just cool to be on a show.

And, I’ll admit, the first time it is.

But after that, it’s pointless to spend your valuable time going on TV if it’s not going to be profitable for your business.

After all, you and I are entrepreneurs who run businesses for a profit.

So, to prevent any TV appearance from just being a “fun time,” I’m giving you everything you need to make it massively profitable.

In chapter 6, you get to see the exact website template, the exact sales copy, the exact way to sell your product on TV (without actually selling it) that makes people run to their computer or phone and place an order.  

It’s all laid out for you so you can simply “plug and play” in your own business and start generating revenue from your very first TV appearance.

And again, you’re getting all of this for FREE.

Now, you may be wondering why I would give you this book for free?

There are two simple reasons:

First, I remember when I first started my business and had the burning desire to be a successful entrepreneur (it was all-consuming in my mind), and this is one of the tools I wish I had back then.

Since you’re a fellow entrepreneur, I know this book (if put to use) can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line and I want to help you become successful.

The second reason I’m giving away this book for free is this:

Each year, I select a handful of private coaching clients to personally work with one-on-one, and I help transform their business.

Naturally, people who’ve read my book turn out to be some of the best people to work with and easiest to help make wealthy.

And, one more thing, before I forget…

In my new free book, I’m including two bonus chapters.
Bonus Chapter #1
How to make boatloads off radio,
magazines, and newspapers
There are a lot of publicity opportunities out there in addition to appearing on TV shows.

TV is definitely the first thing you should do…

But I encourage you to also get on the radio, be featured in magazines and be interviewed in newspapers.

In fact, below are some of the radio shows, newspapers and magazines I’ve been in…

•    Charlotte Observer
•    American Rifleman– NRA magazine
•    Soldier of Fortune Magazine
•    The Rich Dad Radio Show with Robert Kiyosaki
•    Living Ready Magazine
•    Readers Digest
•    Women's World Magazine
•    Men’s Health Magazine
•    Coast to Coast–interview
•    Jim Bohannon Show
•    Sirius XM/Something You Should Know
•    Sirius XM Dave Nemo Show
•    Sirius XM Radio Freewheelin
•    The Dennis Prager Show
•    The Nancy Ferrari Show
•    Sirius XM Radio - The Wilow Majority
•    Rational Survivor Podcast
•    Michael Dresser Show
•    Sirius XM Radio–Jay Thomas Show
•    The Clemens Report on USA Radio Network
•    International Spy Museum– Author Interview-
•    Deseret News – Salt Lake City, UT
•    New York Daily News
•    Pittsburgh Tribune
•    Ft. Worth Star–TX - Dallas/Fort Worth
•    Charleston Newsgroup–SC - Charleston
•    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette–AR - Arkansas
•    R Gallyot's Airwaves–CA - California
•    KERA Public Radio–ISDN interview on NPR affiliate - TX - Texas
•    Hollywood and Napa St on Sun radio–CA - California
•    KAZM Life in the Fast Lane–AZ - Arizona
•    KWMR Airwaves–CA - California
•    WBZ-AM "Women's Watch"–MA - Boston
•    KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed–MO - Missouri
•    KPCW The Mtn Life–UT - Utah
•    Money Matters Radio on WBNW-AM, WESO-AM, and WPLM-AM–MA - Boston
•    WRTA–PA - Pennsylvania
•    KLPX–AZ - Tucson
•    KZRR–NM - Albuquerque/Santa Fe
•    KQRS RADIO–MN - Minneapolis/St. Paul
•    WFLA AM RADIO–FL - Tampa/St. Petersburg
•    KTOK–OK - Oklahoma City
•    WFLA FM RADIO–FL - Florida
•    WLUP Radio–IL - Chicago
•    WBIG–IL - Illinois
•    KVPI RADIO–LA - Louisiana
•    WCJW Radio–NY - New York City
•    WRFX RADIO–NC - Charlotte
•    KMED RADIO–OR - Oregon
•    The Lisa Wexler Show on WGCH-AM–CT - Connecticut, NY - New York
•    The Andrew Carter Show on BellMedia–CAN - Quebec
•    KEX RADIO–OR - Oregon
•    Talk of the Town on WATR Radio–CT - Connecticut
•    The Moose Miller Show on WCCO Radio–MN - Minneapolis/St. Paul
•    Coastal Daybreak Morning Show on WTKF-FM and WJNC-AM–NC - North Carolina
•    Combat Handguns magazine
•    Personal and Home Defense magazine
•    Concealed Carry magazine
•    Townhall magazine
•    The Culture Buzz on KFMG-FM–IA - Des Moines
•    Milt Rosenberg Show on WCGO–IL - Chicago
•    WKPT Radio Network–NC - North Carolina, TN - Tennessee, VA – Virginia
•    SWAT Magazine
•    Senior Magazine–review
•    Library Journal–review in Short Takes
•    Guide to a Woman's Heart–podcast interview
•    The Stuph File–skype podcast interview
•    Las Vegas Review-Journal
•    Big Blend Radio–live podcast
•    Knowledge for Men podcast
•    The Survival Podcast
•    Blog Shark Tank–Q&A
•    Word & Film–guest article
•    The Covert Prepper Podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network
•    The 7 P's of Survival Podcast on Prepper Broadcasting Network
•    Safe House podcast–interview
In this special bonus chapter, I’m going to give everything away, including the exact emails I send to get on radio, in newspapers and in magazines.

I’ve taken out all of the guesswork for you and have given you proven templates so all you have to do is copy and paste.
Bonus Chapter #2
How you can turn your TV appearances into
a New York Times bestselling book.
I include the step by step process and marketing checklist I’ve used to sell over 150,000 copies of my book and become a New York Times bestselling author.

This checklist is worth its weight in gold.

Becoming a New York Times bestselling author not only increases your celebrity appeal but also hugely increases your bank account and gets you large speaking fees.

For instance, I charge $20,000 for a keynote speech and here are just a few of the places I’ve been privileged to speak at…

"Jason, thank you for a wonderful presentation. Your storytelling and insight was truly helpful to all of us and EVERYONE said that it was an event to attend."

~Cheo Walker, Rubbermaid Corp

"Jason’s presentation was awesome! The subject matter was very timely and our attendees appreciated the live, hands-on demonstrations. Jason was great to work with and went above-and-beyond for our group despite many travel setbacks. I would recommend Jason to anyone in a heartbeat."

~Allyson Knot, Independent Insurance Agents of NC

"Great feedback from the National Stone and Gravel Association event. Thank you! Their retiring CEO reached out about a private event to teach the program to his family in SC at a family reunion."

~Jonathan Lane, National Stone and Gravel Association

"Jason’s Travel Safety Tactics presentation was a great way to kick-off our conference. Jason provided valuable information about the importance of staying alert and keeping yourself safe while traveling. His demos and techniques for escaping duct tape, rope and zip ties kept the audience entertained while providing them with tools that might one day save their lives. Jason is an engaging speaker and it was a pleasure working with him!"

~Becky Morgan, Global Business Travel Association

What it all boils down to is this:  

If you want to get on TV, become a celebrity in your niche, and generate healthy profits for your small business, then click on the yellow button at the bottom of this page.

But don't wait...

Just look at what a few readers of my book recently told me...

"I got your book on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday I got booked on two local talk shows and a week after that I'm now waiting on my date to appear on the Steve Harvey show and waiting to here back from The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon!  Your book is so simple to follow, also it is straight to to point! Thanks a million!" ~David S. Tampa, FL

"Jason, I am smiling from cheek to cheek! I recently received your book, Celebrity
Method, and within five days, I was booked on the local morning television
show. It really works!" ~Dr. Brenda B. Provo, UT

Like I said, click the yellow button below and I’ll rush you a copy of my new book, The Celebrity Method: How Almost Any Entrepreneur Can Transform Themselves Into a Celebrity and Make Millions Thanks to the Power of TV.

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My 100% Iron-Clad Money
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If for any reason you don’t think my new book can transform your life, just let me know, and I’ll quickly refund every cent of the $4.95 shipping fee you paid.

There’s zero risk for you.

That’s how confident I am that my new book will help you to get on TV, become a celebrity, and make you a monumental amount of money.

But, please don’t delay.

I can’t promise how long this book will be offered at the insanely low price of FREE.

Click on the yellow button below right now to get my new book, The Celebrity Method: How Almost Any Entrepreneur Can Transform Themselves Into a Celebrity and Make Millions Thanks to the Power of TV.
To Your Success,

Jason Hanson

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