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Former CIA Officer Exposes the Secret & Deadly Knife Tactics By Silent Black Ops Assassins…

Used in The Jungles of Vietnam to Eliminate
Charlie in 3 Seconds.

From the desk of:
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
Cedar City, UT

Decades ago, deep in the damp, dark jungles of Vietnam…

A group of U.S. Special Forces Soldiers and their CIA “Black Ops” counterparts came across several Viet Cong combatants.

Their eyes locked… knowing a single sound would alert the enemy camp nearby, almost guaranteeing the death of these elite American soldiers.

A Viet Cong man reached for the pistol on his hip.

But, as he was getting ready to fire at the soldiers…

One of the operatives grabbed the enemy from behind and used his special knife to silence the Viet Cong sentry in seconds.

Suddenly, another person rushed the operative…

Yet, in the blink of an eye…

They met the same fate.

The U.S. forces were able to move onward without so much as a peep.
You see, these operatives had to be silent.

They were conducting offensive attacks against the enemy…

But, were technically “never there.”

They had to act like ghosts.

They operated from the inside — wearing Asian made uniforms lacking any identifying markings.

And had...

NO dog tags…
NO identification…
NO American communication equipment.

They were truly on their own when push came to shove.
Which is why they needed the training and a weapon that could swiftly eliminate their enemies…

Without causing a disturbance.

Thankfully, they had just the weapon and training to do it.

It’s called Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics…
And it’s stunningly effective.

And today, I’m going to rush you a free copy of my new book that reveals these tactics.
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This stiletto knife has a narrow, razor sharp blade with a point shaped like a needle.
This allows it to easily penetrate flesh and do the maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time.

Capable of causing death in under 3 seconds — such as when the heart is punctured.

Look how easily it goes through this body armor…
And, because these knives were so fatal to U.S. enemies...
The deadly techniques have been closely guarded by the intelligence community.

But, with criminals running rampant, from illegal aliens to active shooters…

I don’t have to tell you how important it is for every patriotic American to know these “black ops” knife tactics.

I knew it was my duty as a former CIA Officer to pass along the same deadly knife techniques that I’ve been blessed to learn.

So, that you can defend yourself and your loved ones in case of a vicious attacker…
With nothing more than a single stiletto knife in your pocket.

This is why I want to urgently rush you my new training book...

Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics

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Before I reveal some of what you’ll discover inside Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics…

Let me quickly introduce myself, in case we’ve never met.

I’m Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer.

Here’s an award I received from the CIA for my service.
And, here’s a picture of one of my Agency challenge coins…
Now, along with being a former CIA Officer...
I’m also a New York Times bestselling author and have written:
Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life,
 Agent of Influence, and...
 Survive Like A Spy.
But, I’m not here to talk about books.
As I just mentioned, I want to rush you my free book, Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics.

Because, the bottom line is, when someone is trying to attack you or a family member, it’s…
Protect or die. 
It’s not about being macho...
And it’s not about looking tough, either.

It’s about having the right skills in order to survive... and nothing else.

That’s why I’ve distilled my 15+ years of CIA and private security knowledge into this powerhouse knife training.

Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics is just what you need to know to master staying alive and take out any deadly threats — with no fluff.

In fact, here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover inside your free book…
● The “door-knob” trick to causing lethal damage to your attacker faster than the blink of an eye.
● Need to get your knife out in a split second? This type of stiletto opens lightning fast — as fast as a switchblade — but is legal almost everywhere.
● The 3 requirements of deadly-force law you must know before ever carrying your knife. If you don’t check for these 3 simple guidelines, you could end up in trouble for protecting yourself.

● Do you need to know 27 different stab points on your attacker? No! You only need the 5 most intuitive and deadly targets to stop a thug in seconds. I reveal all 5 inside this book.

● When an attacker is behind you and has his knife to your throat… here’s how to flip the situation and put his own knife into his kidney. He’ll never see it coming.

● 2 targets to exploit if you’re coming up to an attacker from behind. One will give you complete control of the attacker — you can literally move him around at your will — and the other will kill them instantly.

● The most intuitive grip to use when holding your knife for maximum control and lethality.

● The 3-knife operative system for ultimate protection in dangerous locations.

● Where to place your feet so you intimidate a would-be attacker from even coming at you — so effective, that a small, single woman stood down a stalker in an empty parking lot.

● 2 items you can pick up on the cheap to create the perfect knife-training tool.

● The “Diamond-Zone” target to stop an attacker dead in their tracks. Just look at this video where I'm showing the move on this buoy full of water.
● Exactly where and how to wear a fixed-blade stiletto as an ankle knife. Plus, when to put a knife there in the first place (Hint: it’s NOT all the time).

● How to disarm an attacker when they’re coming at your most vulnerable spots. Plus, why the attacker isn’t your main enemy if they have a knife and you don’t. There’s one thing to focus on instead.

● Why it could be deadly for you to step back from a knife swipe coming at you.

● When both you and your attacker have a knife, this is the most effective spot to aim for. (Hint: The spot doesn’t change no matter where they’re trying to slice you).

● The “twist and shout” knife disarm. How to twist out of a knife strike and make your attacker shout in agony after you’ve annihilated the bones in his arms.

● If all else fails and you need to tap deep into your primal instincts… this is the #1 target to aim for on your attacker. Not only is it incredibly painful and deadly to the thug, but this attack point is so ingrained in your psyche, you can complete this with pure muscle memory and adrenaline.

● And, much, much more.
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What’s even better is…

The techniques in Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics
work for you whether you’re old or young.

Believe me…
I’ve taught these same skills to 40, 60, even 83-year-olds, at my 320-acre Spy Ranch.
You don’t have to run, jump, or have any fancy footwork to make these deadly tactics work for you.
Nor do you have to rely on brute strength to take your attacker out.

Instead, you just need to remember the “magic” targets that I’ll show you.
The true effectiveness of these techniques is letting the stiletto knife do what it is designed to do…

Cause maximum damage with minimum effort.

It’s that simple.

But, you need to claim your copy NOW because…

Thugs won’t wait for you to learn these knife defense
tactics in a year or even a couple months…

Don’t believe me?
Not too long ago, a young criminal brutally attacked a 62-year-old man.

It was just before 10pm and the 62-year-old was simply walking down his residential street… minding his own business… the same thing most of us do.

Suddenly, the thug pulled a knife and slashed him.

He barely survived and ended up with slashes on his head, face and neck.
I couldn’t help but think...

What if his family was with him?

What would’ve happened to them?

Unfortunately, this type of attack is happening more and more...
As shown from this news headline I just saw… "Harrowing CCTV shows man launch knife attack on couple outside train station."
But, you don’t have to be a victim.
And, neither will your wife, kids, and grand-kids.

Because, Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics immediately trains you on the right way to end a vicious attack.

This is why you must claim your free book today.

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There’s no doubt in my mind you’re going to love the Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics book. But, this training video will help you master these lifesaving skills in record time.

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These are transcripts and copies of official CIA documents that have since been declassified.
This stunning report reveals facts the government never wanted ordinary Americans to know, including…
• The CIA’s preferred method of assassination…
• What must never, EVER happen if an assassination were to go wrong…

• The truth about the U.S. Guatemalan destabilization program of the 1950s…

• The psychological warfare program code-named Operation Sherwood…

• CIA memos that explicitly reveal “selection of individuals for disposal” (i.e., assassination lists) …

• And a whole lot more…
Believe me, as a former CIA Officer, I can tell you that this makes for very “interesting” reading and you must have this to know how our government operates and how to protect yourself from it.  
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You’ll get instant access to this military guide that reveals…
● The 7 principles of total camouflage from your enemies. (“Blending in with the background” is only one of them.) Page 4.
● If you’re trying to conceal yourself in a natural area like the woods… here’s why camouflaging yourself too well is not a good idea. Page 7.

● How to move through a body of water without detection… even if it’s broad daylight. Page 11.

● 5 ways to find your direction when you don’t have a compass handy. Page 18.

● How to give yourself natural night vision. Page 29.

● Why you never want to army crawl under barbed wire. Page 37.

● Exactly how much hold-off to account for when taking a sniper shot at any given distance. Page 172.

● And a whole bunch more...
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It’s simple...
If you’re not completely happy with Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics, I’ll refund every penny you paid for postage and you don’t even have to return the book.

It’s on me to provide the best knife-defense training you’ll ever receive.

You have nothing to risk.

I guarantee Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics will be so easy to understand and master, that you’ll feel confident protecting your loved ones even if you’re outnumbered by multiple threats.

I know that’s a big promise, but look at what these top operators say about the training I share…
"As someone who’s worked operations with the CIA, I can tell you that Jason and his team are the real deal.”
~Cade Courtley, former Navy SEAL
“Jason Hanson is a powerful proponent and practitioner of personal defense tools and techniques, all designed to protect you and your family.” 
~Peter Earnest, director of the International Spy Museum, and former CIA Clandestine Service Officer
“It’s a rare chance you get to learn from the best CIA operatives on how to stay alive in the crazy world we live in.” 
~Alain Burrese, former Army sniper
“Jason Hanson has forgotten more tradecraft than most will ever know.” 
~Rorke Denver, former Navy SEAL
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The Way I See It, You Have 2 Choices...

You could do nothing...
You could click away from this page, go about your daily life and hope nothing bad ever
happens to you or your family.

You could hope criminals never see you and your loved ones as their next victim...


You can claim your free copy of Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics today and completely bolster your confidence.

And, become the protector your family needs…

You’ll be able to look back and know that even if nothing happens, you were prepared.

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… let me know any time for a complete refund on the S&H.
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Stay safe,
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
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