Remarkable TRUE story reveals...
The Holy Grail of Shooting Secrets That Allowed a Blind Man to Stop a Deadly Home Invasion With a Single Shot
Here's the blind man's amazing single shot secret so you too can neutralize an intruder who's burst through your front door.
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
Cedar City, UT

It was near midnight… 

And the sound of shattering glass awoke Mel W.

He sprang out of bed, grabbed his gun and snuck out of his bedroom.

He knew an intruder could be anywhere in his home.

So, Mel tried to scare him off by turning on the lights, but the intruder had cut the power.

He had no choice but to tiptoe through the pitch black — hoping to find some clue of where the intruder was before they found him.

At last… he heard rustling, turned towards it and aimed his gun.

His gun held 6 rounds, but...
He Really Only Had One Chance To Stop The Intruder.
Mel knew the odds...

If he missed, he’d give away his position and the intruder could fire right back at him.

And, even though his whole body trembled...

Mel squeezed the trigger and…
The bullet flew through the air and the intruder slammed against the floor.

Mel’s bullet had hit instantly stopped the threat.

And, he walked away from the situation unharmed.

The most shocking part is...
Mel Dropped The Intruder With Dead-On Accuracy…
As A Blind Man! 
It’s hard enough for a shooter, who can see, to have this kind of accuracy in a life or death scenario…

But, Mel had something special going for him.

He understood the secret to being confident with only one shot when his life was on the line.

His story demonstrates a technique that only one in a thousand gun owners truly gets.

And, it’s a technique that... even though simple... allows you to stop a threat with a single shot when your life depends on it.

After all, it’s been said many times before that the first person to land a good hit usually wins the gunfight.

For instance, Bill Allard of the legendary NYPD Stakeout Squad said…

“It isn't the person that breaks the first shot that wins the gunfight; it's the first person that places the first accurate shot in the opponent that walks away a winner. Accuracy is paramount; everything else is secondary."

And famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp said…

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

Of course, both of those men are spot on, which is why you must know the…
“Single Shot Mastery” Technique
I’ll tell you about the “Single Shot Mastery” technique in a second.

But first, if we've never met, here's my 30-second bio...

My name is Jason Hanson.

I'm a former CIA Officer and author of the New York Times bestseller, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.
Plus, I'm a writer for Combat Handguns magazine…

And, I was even named to the conservative Townhall Magazine's, Townhall of Fame. (Article below.)
But, what really matters is...
What My Credentials Mean For You
In my years with the Agency, I learned a critical lesson about being a deadly-accurate marksman with just a lone shot.

And, it has nothing to do with what gun you’re using or the latest gadget on your gun.

It has everything to do with the secret I’m now going to share with you.

Here’s what I mean...

Chances are, you’ve been to a gun range once or twice.

And, you’ve probably imagined how you’d handle yourself in a situation like
Mel’s home invasion that I just shared with you.

But, no matter how skilled you are at the range…

Or how well you think you’d handle yourself in a life or death scenario...

There’s one key component you can’t account for until you’ve experienced it…
The “Hypothalamus Trigger” —
Can Destroy Your Fine Motor Skills
In A Life Or Death Encounter
The “Hypothalamus Trigger” is your body’s primitive and automatic response to threats to your survival.

When it happens, certain chemicals flood your body — forcing different reactions on the inside and outside.

This graphic shows you a few of the ways your body responds to the Hypothalamus Trigger:
As you can see, it affects many parts of your body.

But, I want to focus on the one thing that most affects your shot accuracy (and what you can do about it).

Put simply…
Your Muscles Tense Up and You Freeze…
But, why would the “Hypothalamus Trigger” make you freeze during a threat

Well, imagine you’re an early human on the African plains…

Suddenly, you feel a lion stalking you.

What do you do?

If you run, the lion will pounce… if you fight, you’ll be torn to bits.

Your only option is to freeze and hope the lion doesn’t attack.

This survival technique has been hard-wired into our nervous systems.

Unfortunately, our brains haven’t yet adapted to the best survival strategies for our modern world.

Rationally, you and I know that freezing isn’t the best response to a violent attack.

But, the problem is that our rational mind is no longer in control during a violent attack. (I’ll show you why in a moment).

The bottom line is, when the “Hypothalamus Trigger” switches on, it stimulates your muscles, forcing them to contract and tighten and you’ll want to freeze.

The good news is, there’s a simple secret you can use to bypass the “Hypothalamus Trigger” so you can draw, aim and score a single shot instantly.

Here’s how…
How The “Single Shot Mastery” Technique Makes
You A Precision Marksman — And Destroys
The Effects Of The “Hypothalamus Trigger”
Usually, when you’re firing a gun, you’re doing so with your conscious mind.

But, the “Hypothalamus Trigger” shuts this down during a deadly home invasion.

This means, when faced by some thug charging into your home, you can’t make complex decisions...

Your body strictly acts from the subconscious mind.

If you can harness the subconscious mind in this scenario, you can neutralize the threat swiftly with a single shot.

And this is exactly what the Single Shot Mastery technique allows you to do.

For instance, take a look at this video of nailing golf balls with just one shot...
Now, you might be thinking that you could never do that… but that’s only because you don’t know the Single Shot Mastery technique yet.

But, once you do, your subconscious mind will have this pinpoint accuracy.

And the best part?

An intruder’s head and chest are a lot bigger than a golf ball.

So, if you can take out a small ball with a single shot, stopping a deadly intruder becomes almost automatic.

Let me give you another example that we can all relate too.

You’ve touched a hot stove or hot pan before, right?

You didn’t have to think about removing your hand, your brain knew there was danger and it took care of things automatically.

And, that’s what happens with Single Shot Mastery.

But, here’s the one problem…

In the past, there’s been only one way to truly learn the Single Shot Mastery technique and that was in person.

As I mentioned, I gained this knowledge thanks to my time with the CIA.

And people have traveled from all over the world to get this from me – as far away as Australia, the Philippines and South Africa.

Celebrities and billionaires have paid me very large sums of money for it.

But, as much as I love working with these people…

I really want to help everyday Americans — people like you who want to protect your family under any life or death scenario.

I realize that many people can’t afford to fly out to my training facility in Utah to learn the Single Shot Mastery technique.

So, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get this training from the comfort of your home.

So that you can have…
“Single Shot Mastery”
Here's the deal....

I am now releasing my personal training guide so you can get these accuracy secrets without having to leave home and without spending a fortune.

This special guide I created is called, 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy.
Please keep in mind…

I didn't invent the training methods I'm going to share with you.

I simply took all of the firearms knowledge I learned over the years and boiled it down to a 30-day training guide that anyone can use to improve their accuracy so that you can have "single shot mastery." 

And like I said, this is the exact guide I personally use every day.

Let me show you a few of the secrets you'll uncover in 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy
The trigger control secret on pg. 3
For instance, on page 3 of this guide I reveal a trigger control secret that not 1 in 1,000 shooters has ever been shown.

The fact is, trigger control is the most important part of becoming a highly accurate shooter. And what I'm going to share with you I haven't seen revealed outside of certain government circles.

But once you know how to properly pull the trigger, you'll be amazed at how quickly both your confidence and your accuracy improve.

What's more, I include pictures in the guide showing you exactly what I do when pulling the trigger so you can see close-ups of my finger placement.

And after I reveal this trigger control secret you'll begin with Day 1 of 30 Days to Combat Handgun accuracy.

On Day 1, I show you a simple drill called the "Blank Panel" drill.

It'll take you less than 9 minutes to do, but it's the most important drill for helping you become a deadly accurate shooter.

It doesn't require any ammunition and you can do this from the comfort of your home.

In fact, George Harris, Director of Training for the Sig Sauer Academy, says this drill "is the foundation of all shooting."

Another drill you'll do is called the "Draw to the Wall" drill.

I reveal everything you need to know to develop a smooth draw, which will allow you to get your gun out and on target in two seconds or less.

After all, if you're ever in a life and death situation this proper technique of drawing your gun could obviously be the difference whether you survive or not.

You're also going to practice the 5-Square Drill.

I give you my special "5-Square" target, which you can print off from your home computer. This drill will help you build massive confidence and hone your precision accuracy skills.

The bottom line is…
"I'm way more confident and way more
excited about shooting than I was before"
My 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy guide gives you a simple drill to do each day of the month.

The drills you do Monday-Friday are dry fire drills, which you can practice at home with a safe and empty weapon… And they take less than 9 minutes each.

Then on Saturday's, I share with you live-fire drills, which you can do at your local shooting range.

I include the exact targets I use (4 in all) so you have everything you need to improve your accuracy both at home and at the range.

In short, 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy is like having me personally work with you one-on-one to help you develop incredible accuracy… Without having to travel to see me and without having to spend a lot of money.

The truth is, right now, I charge thousands of dollars for private shooting lessons where I share these accuracy secrets.

I realize that may sound like a lot, but here's what a few of my students have said…
"Hey Jason! I just wanted to say thank you so much... Best money ever spent. I'm way more confident and way more excited about shooting than I was before… I can't thank you enough, the drills were fun, it was so easy to learn from your instruction… Take care!"
~Andrea Keller, Ashburn, VA
"In all truthfulness, I can't say enough good for how much fun and how informative the course was to reinforce how the basics and fundamentals become crucial in a life and death situation." ~Adam Franklin, Fairfax, VA
But today, because of the current ammunition prices and the direction this country is headed, you can get 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy for a fraction of the amount I charge for a private shooting lesson.

Normally, 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy costs $47… Which is 80% less than what I've charged in the past… And I believe it's quite a bargain.

After all, the peace of mind you'll get from having these accuracy skills is priceless.

And it's not just me saying this…

A student of mine, Crystal Curtis told me, "Your depth of knowledge and real-life experience is priceless."

But today, instead of paying $47 you can get $20 OFF through this special offer.

In other words, you can receive 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy for only $27. This is the lowest price I have ever offered.

But there's something else too…  
Free Book
Because I also want to make sure you know how to choose the right gun, the right holster, and other gear to protect yourself… I'm going to include a FREE copy of my ebook, The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry.

If you're not familiar with this book, just look at some of the reviews from Amazon…
5.0 out of 5 stars great book
By Gary A. Woodward
"Great book. I highly suggest you read this if you are a prospective or actual gun owner. Worth the price just in layperson's legal issues."
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"Learned many ideas. The where, what why, & how of keeping the bad guys at bay. Wife reading it now. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of carrying concealed."
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Book!!!
By SamiK
"I seriously could not put this book down and with kids that's saying something. Reading this book gave me a really good sense of how and why to conceal carry. Not only does he talk about concealed carry but he also gives you different techniques on how to hold a gun and different stances you can take."
And in addition to giving you a huge discount on 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy, and a free copy of my ebook, I'm also going to give you my personal guarantee… The same guarantee I'd hope to get if our situations were reversed.
1 Year Money Back Guarantee
In short, if you don't think 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy was worth every penny, and didn't improve your shooting accuracy, just let me know.

I'll give you a prompt and courteous full refund… No questions asked and no hassles… Like I said, the way I'd hope to be treated.

But keep in mind, this special offer won't be around long.

As soon as you sign up for this offer you'll get instant online access to both 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy, and the free copy of my book, The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry.

You see, I want you to get this information as quickly as possible… At the lowest price possible.

In other words, there's no way I'd be able to make you this offer and give you the accuracy guide and free copy of my book for only $27 if I had to print and mail the hard copies.

The good news is, two minutes from now you can have 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy complete with pictures (32 in all) along with the four targets I personally use.

What it all boils down to is this:

You can either miss out on these accuracy secrets that could save your life…

Or you can take advantage of this risk-free offer and get 30 Days to Combat Handgun Accuracy delivered to you immediately.

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Stay safe,
Jason Hanson

P.S. Remember, through this special presentation you can get a massive discount and pay only $27. But once this offer expires, you may never see it again. Click here, to order now

P.P.S. The Agency was concerned about the information I'm sharing, and sent me the cease and desist letter below.
After talking with the Agency, we've squared things away. The Agency lawyers said I need to emphasize I am no longer affiliated with the CIA in any manner, and any information I share with you is not endorsed by or affiliated with the CIA.
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